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CCR Triton Diver Course in Protaras

Dive deeper and longer with our CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) Triton Diver course in Protaras! This advanced course teaches you how to use the CCR Triton rebreather, offering extended bottom times, reduced gas consumption, and minimal bubble production.

Course Highlights:

CCR Basics and Techniques: Learn the principles of closed circuit rebreather diving, including how the CCR Triton unit works, assembly, pre-dive checks, and maintenance.

Advanced Dive Planning: Master the complexities of planning rebreather dives, including gas management, oxygen exposure monitoring, and dealing with potential system failures.

Safety and Emergency Procedures: Gain confidence in handling emergencies specific to CCR diving, such as hyperoxia, hypoxia, and scrubber failure, ensuring a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

Hands-On Training: Participate in practical sessions and open water dives under the guidance of our experienced instructors, applying your skills and becoming proficient in using the CCR Triton unit.

Certification: Upon successful completion, you'll earn your CCR Triton Diver certification, enabling you to dive deeper and longer with the CCR Triton rebreather.

Course Includes:
  • In-depth theory sessions on CCR diving principles, mechanics, and safety
  • Practical training in equipment assembly, gas analysis, and pre-dive procedures
  • Multiple open water dives using the CCR Triton rebreather
  • CCR Triton Diver certification upon successful completion
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